I’ve taken the plunge and forked out actual money. I’ve set a date, this thing is going to happen. 
First, I’ve hired someone to help me because this is all new to me. I have know clue about book covers, marketing and blogging. I know how to write, they never told you in creative writing that you would also have to know how to market your book, tweet and maybe even figure out one or two computer software programs. I’m so old school my mom is embarrassed. People look at me phone when I break out my flip-phone and then go cross-eyed when I say I don’t have cable or internet at home. 
Why? I read and write all the time. 
So, I got internet and I hired a professional. The world is coming to an end. 
Check out the new blog design by aforementioned professional, her name is Rachel Rivera and she designs, markets and tweets via the moniker parajunkee. Now she knows how to do everything I don’t know how to do.