Run (NOLA Zombie #1) Excerpt

When Alexis sees Blake for the first time

Holy zombie balls, I hadn’t seen a man this pretty in real life before. I expected a sudden gust of wind to billow his longish brown hair, or a quick downpour to soak his too-tight tee so he would have to pull it off and reveal his rock-hard abs. I was drooling.

I know it wasn’t the right time, but I couldn’t help but stare. It’s not every day that you see a jaw-dropping, beautiful man. His hair was a little long for my taste, almost to his shoulders, but it gave him a sexy rocker look that had my imagination running wild. He looked like the strong silent type. His dark good looks, paired with a hard stare sent shivers down my spine. He had this look about him, like he had seen the world and didn’t like it one bit. It both scared and excited me at the same time.

We made eye contact and he smiled. It’s the zombie apocalypse and his manners were still intact. I liked him already. I wanted to tell him, ”Let’s go find a bed and get to know each other.” Then my brain kicked in. He could be a hot psychopath. Wasn’t Ted Bundy a hottie or something?

He was walking over to me, but I didn’t want to get out or put myself at risk, so I just stayed behind the wheel all awkward like. Real smooth, Alexis. I felt and probably looked like a scared rabbit. It wasn’t until he knocked on my window that my manners kicked in and I rolled it down, a “Can I help you?” look on my face.