A girl needs music. I need music to survive. I need music to write. My playlist is massive and varied. But, there are a few songs the resonate and identify with what I’m writing. While I was writing RUN, one of the songs that I left on repeat was LOVELIFE by Your New Beloved.


A song from the RUN by Gillian Zane playlist

 The Lyrics (from youtube.com)

All the time I think of you
Holding on to someone new
Don’t make me lose my mind.

I simply refuse to believe it
You’re like somebody different
Like a lost bird gliding
Through the tops of the mountains
In search of something
And I can feel your heartbeat
Is it love or drugs yeah?

Remember staying up all weekend?
Didn’t eat, didn’t sleep yeah
But what’s the point when you’re breathless?
You said that you would never stop loving me
Well do you lie through your back teeth
To your new beloved?

I’m running away, I’m running away
I’m changing my name
I never want to be seen again
Or heard again.

I’ll keep pushing it
To the back of my head
I don’t want, I can’t deal with it
I am done, I am through with this.
One day we will meet after everything
We will drink and make amends
Raise a toast to your old beloved.