In my book, RUN, the main character Alexis Winter is a “prepper.” A prepper is a person who is convinced that there will be some kind of disaster or apocalypse situation that will lead to an “end of the world” scenario, or at least a major disruption in the world. These people “prep” by stockpiling food, weapons and supplies that will help them when the disaster hits.

Alexis wasn’t exactly prepping for a Zombie Apocalypse, she was on a less paranormal mindset, but her preps did help her in the long run. If you want to prep for a Zombie Apocalypse, here are ten things you should have on hand in case of a zombie apocalypse:

1. Weapons (Knives, ax etc.)

Silent but deadly. Keep that in mind! You want the weapon sharp, silent and with a good handle length to keep those teeth away from you.

2. All terrain vehicle

When you buy your vehicle, think “can this run over zombies?” If the answer is yes, you should get that vehicle. You might think about adding a “cow catcher” to it and maybe adding an exhaust snorkel. Wouldn’t want to have your vehicle drowning under zombie guts.

3. Non-perishable food

They goal is to stockpile as much food as possible that will not go bad. Grains, canned goods, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) that sort of thing.

4. Water purifier

You’ll dehydrate fast on the RUN from zombies. Have a water purifier ready and a few gallons of water.

5. Bug-out location

Your home might not be an optimal location to bug-in and defend against zombies. Go for high fences and moats.

6. Trained canine

Alexis has her trained pup Charlie and he is the perfect zombie detector.

7. Energy bars

You’ll need lots of calories and energy to outrun zombies, have a few energy bars on hand in a bug-out bag. You’ll need them.

8. Walkie-Talkies

If you hook up with another survivor, hopefully, a hottie like Blake Miller, you’ll need to keep in touch. Walkie-Talkies are a must.

9.  First-Aid/Medicine

You don’t want to go down because a paper cut got infected, or if you have to do a quick amputation – you’ll need the right tools. You should have a first aid kit on hand and your standard medicine.

10. Lighter/Flint

You might find yourself in the dark, no electricity, holed up somewhere, you’ll need to light a fire, or at least a candle. You better have a lighter on hand, or better yet, learn how to use a flint or other type of fire starter that won’t run out of fuel.

Good luck!