Justice is Coming...








Which is why I’m releasing this one on Mardi Gras Day!

And do you know how we celebrate in New Orleans during this time of year? With Cake. Lots and lots of cake! King Cake that is. There is nothing better than lots and lots of preorders unless it is lots and lots of King Cake.

I want to get lots of PreOrders for Justice – and I want to give everyone who preorders Justice a hug. So if you PreOrdered Justice – this is me giving you a virtual HUG.

{{{{ HUG }}}}}

Did you feel it? Well, I tried.

I want the release of JUSTICE to be huge! I want to have parades on my release day and get hit in the head with plastic beads. I want someone to flash me their tits in celebration of the release of my book!!!

How about a King Cake then? I’m going to reward one random person that PreOrders Justice with a King Cake. Now for those lots of PreOrders -> If I meet my PreOrder goals by 50% I will add another King Cake. Everyone wins! Well, technically three people win. Me, and the two King Cake winners. That is gonna be you! I know it. Then…once I hit 100% of my goals I’ll send out a HUGE Mardi Gras prize pack, including beads I catch myself on Mardi Gras day.

Yep! That is going to be off the charts. King Cake. Beads. PreOrders. Maybe even a plastic “to-go” cup. Everyone wins!

How does one win?

There is no purchase necessary. You get one free entry. But if you PreOrder Justice you get a lot of extra entries and the more PreOrders I get the more chances to win! Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter to win. Good Luck!

  • Shipping is U.S. Only (No P.O. Boxes)
  • You will receive a Sucre King Cake – voted one of the best King Cakes in New Orleans

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