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Charged: An Otherworldly Reverse Harem Romance


Bobbie Flemming was having one of those terrible, no good kind of days. Bobbie’s day gets even more interesting when she’s inadvertently bought at a charity auction and whisked away to an alien planet with not one but four hot aliens that are convinced she’s their charge mate.


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I asked readers to send me questions about the book that they would like answered. They didn't disappoint.

Questions about Charged: An Otherworldly Reverse Harem by Gillian Zane

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About My Latest Release – Charged

Charged is an otherworldly reverse harem? What does that mean?
The book is in the Otherworld Series, and its a reverse harem so I shoved it all together in a subtitle. A reverse harem is a subgenre in the romance genre that usually involves a female and multiple boyfriends or mates in a polyamorous relationship. In Charged there is one heroine, Bobbie, and there are four heroes.

It says the man character is abducted, is there rape in the book? Is this a dark romance?
No. Not at all. The main character Bobbie is taken against her will at first because of a misunderstanding, let’s call it a cultural difference, but there is no forced sex in this book. This is the furthest from a dark romance, in fact I think it’s more “light romance” than anything since there is a lot of funny in it and hardly any darkness. I didn’t even kill anyone in this book! No blood either. Crazy, right?

Will this book end in a cliffhanger?
No. This is book 1 in a series, but each book will feature a new heroine and heroes with their own unique HEA.

So, there is no more Bobbie after this?
You might see Bobbie in the later books – because I introduce that “next” character in Charged, but she will only make a cameo in book 2.

I read the ARC and I love Bobbie’s character. I also love Roc – all of them! – who inspired you for these characters and the story?
I got the inspiration to write this at of all things a PTO school auction. They were auctioning off all this crazy sports memorabilia that I thought was going for too cheap. I had a thought that we should auction off the single dads in the group because those single moms would pay the big bucks for them – since they were such a hot commodity (the single dads at my kid’s school are scooped up quick). This led to the story idea which of course got changed a lot. But, Bobbie stuck and is actually inspired by a variety of single women in my life, but not one particular lady. Roc, well he’s named after his “looks” inspiration, but his character is a hard one to pin down. I don’t think any real person inspired him.

What is your favorite scene in the book?
I have a fave but it’s spoilery so I’m not going to go into details, you’ll have to read the book – it involves a dinner party and then a closet. My second favorite would be how the book opens with the auction – I had fun writing about how Bobbie and Roc first meet/see each other.

What made you write a science fiction reverse harem?
I’ve been hooked on the reverse harem genre for the last year so I was dying to give it a go, but the science fiction thing has always been my hook. I love anything scifi or fantasy. I’ve also been dying to write an alien romance – so there ya go.

Is there a villain in the book?
There is. There might be a few, but I don’t want to give anything away.

Can you compare CHARGED to any other books?
That’s a hard one. Not that I know of, but I’m sure I didn’t come up with something new. Before this, I didn’t read any RHs that involved aliens or space because I didn’t want to inadvertently influence my writing. I will say I was inspired by fun and quirky contemporary books like Emma Chase’s Royally series and fun teen television shows like Star-Crossed, so let’s just say it’s like the Royally series meets Star-Crossed in outer space? Does that work?

Will there be lots of sexy-time in Charged?
Yes. *nods* Yes.

Who will be the heroine of the next book?
You’ll find out soon…


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