Gillian Zane


Hey there, wow, you’re all interested in me. Just don’t get all stalkery on me, I might have to return the favor. But, anyway, enough of my nonsense. You want to learn about me, who I am, what makes me tick. Blah, blah, blah.
I’m Gillian Zane, a soon to be author. My first novella, RUN will be published summer of 2015. I’ve dreamed of writing my entire life, I was about to start querying two Contemporary Romance novels I had written before Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. The bitch took my computer and with it my two novels and I kind of gave up after that. ┬áIt took me awhile to recover, both my love of reading and writing. But, it’s back!
If you haven’t guessed, I am from New Orleans and I like writing about New Orleans. I also like writing about paranormal creatures and crazy alternate realities. My first series is called the NOLA Zombie series and it’s about – wait for it – the zombie apocalypse hitting New Orleans and two (maybe three) very sexy characters finding each other in the mess. No sex with zombies, sorry, I wasn’t that bold to go there. You’ll like it, I hope.
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