Gillian Does Reverse Harem

A new series is just getting started! Are you ready to get abducted by Gillian’s new reverse harem series?
NOLA Zombie Series

The Series is Complete. Download them All!

Read the from start to finish. The survivors of S-Island have more than zombies to worry about…
The Haunted Sultan

A Hauntingly Sexy and Gory Stand-Alone...

A vacation in New Orleans. A haunted tour. A sexy stranger. And the ghost of a Sultan…
NOLA Zombie Series

A New Urban Fantasy Series from Gillian Zane

Karma is a bitch….and her name’s Cassie.

Choose your flavor...

NOLA Zombie Series
Finding love in the apocalypse can be complicated.
The Next from Gillian Zane
Who needs when you can get abducted and find your true love?
NOLA Zombie Series
The only good romance is a complicated one.
Dark worlds with twists and turns – and maybe a little romance.

News & Updates

I am overwhelmed by the pretty.

My Thoughts As Conveyed by Ryan Reynolds. Who is actually my future baby daddy. No. Lie. So, what do you think of the new website? Any suggestions. Any things I should add take...

Feature & Follow Time

Hello my darlings! I'm having a lot of fun doing this meme. Thanks for stopping by.    Tonight's Question: IF YOU WERE TO GET A TATTOO, WHAT WOULD IT SAY OR WHAT WOULD THE GRAPHIC BE? OR IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, SHARE A PICTURE AND ITS MEANING. – SUGGESTED BY SECOND RUN...

If you haven't noticed -  I'm a HUGE Diplo fan and this is one of my favorites. The video doesn't aide my concentration with the writing, so I usually avoid it. But, when I do watch, it makes my LOL.  Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro - Freak (feat. Steve Bays) Lyrics: I...

10 Things to Keep on Hand for a Zombie Apocalypse

In my book, RUN, the main character Alexis Winter is a "prepper." A prepper is a person who is convinced that there will be some kind of disaster or apocalypse situation that will lead to an "end of the world" scenario, or at least a major disruption in the world....

Run Playlist – Another Hit

There are some singers/bands that come with a stigma, the actual liking of their music is kept as a "dirty little secret" and Justin Bieber is one of them. I would have never admitted that I actually liked a Bieber song...ever. Because I didn't, never have. I do kind...

Feature & Follow

Happy #FF Everyone! It's that time again. I feel like a pro now. I hope you had a wonderful memorial day - and guess what I did this week? I PUBLISHED MY FIRST EVER BOOK.  *curtsy* You can check it out if you want, it's about the zombie apocalypse hitting New Orleans...

From the RUN Playlist…

A girl needs music. I need music to survive. I need music to write. My playlist is massive and varied. But, there are a few songs the resonate and identify with what I'm writing. While I was writing RUN, one of the songs that I left on repeat was LOVELIFE by Your New...

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